Wild Craft Play is brought to you by SoLe Adventure, committed to fostering deep connections to self, others and the earth through exploration and dramatic play in nature!

What do you say to having a mobile Wild Craft Play s’Cool?

Wouldn’t that be SO cool?  Get out into the Nature and do creative things

Develop your own creative wings?

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Wild Craft Play s’Cool is a life-altering adventureFate and the Old Man Jamie Black and Quinton and children at Buddhist Temple Happy Festival Oct 3 2015

that cultivates creativity, confidence and collaboration through live-action role-play as characters in nature and performance. The culture of Wild Craft Play mentors children to find their inner hero.  By working in community, collaborating with other children, and learning from mentors, children have a safety net to explore, develop and create.

This is not just a program, it is a platform to teach from.  It was created by Jamie Black because she believes that the children of the future need more opportunities to develop life skills and gain tools to grow into extraordinary human beings.  Jamie has found that children are super engaged in video games, she wondered why some children were more engaged in nature, than playing outside.  So she decided to create a video game in real-life, where children are so immersed in the quests and adventures that they don’t even realize that they are learning things like…

SELF-CONFIDENCE                            CONFLICT RESOLUTION                                PROBLEM SOLVINGWild3 (1)

                  LEADERSHIP                      FINANCIAL LITERACY                                         NATURE AWARENESS

COLLABORATION                         INTER-PERSONAL SKILLS                                  GLOBAL AWARENESS

Not only has Jamie been developing this experience for children since 2008, but she decided to research children playing this game as a case study for her Masters Thesis at Royal Roads University from 2013-2016. She wonders “How this style of mentoring co-relates to the level of engagement of children in play?”

What better way for children to learn these necessary life skills, than through an epic adventure filled with gold, quests, exploration and the wilderness, then share their adventure in the form of a performance.


Due to popular demand…

We are working on a Wild Craft Play s’Cool mobile model for September 2017 to cater to the Central Vancouver Island region.  Get involved in the conversation and tell us what you desire…

If we were to create a mobile Wild Craft Play s’Cool that took children to more remote places, would you sign your kids up?

If your children engaged in this experience the same way they engage in their video games, but they are being physical, they are outside, they are interacting with other children, and have a Hummingbird for a guide?

If there was wilderness survival, fire making, role-play dramatic storytelling, costumes, quests, gold coins, a Travelling Trade Post and sacred market place, and more, would you join?

If we had a 4:1 ratio (child to adult) for ages 8-12 would this work?

Would you prefer it in 3 month sessions so that you could begin and finish your experience, would this make it easier? For example (September to November, January to March and April to June, then July and August Summer Programs)

Please, let us know what interests you, as we are in development mode and appreciate your input.  All information collected will be compiled and sent back to those providing their email address on this form. Thank you for taking the time to inquire:

More stories in the media

~ It’s OK to play with matches, as long as you’re supervised

Independent school near Qualicum Beach offers an outdoor survival class

 In September, 2016, we hosted the Outdoor Survival Program at Arrowsmith Independent School with 110% success. Check out the article written by  from #PQBNews:

Matches article PQB News Jamie Black
 This program included:
Outdoor and Wilderness Awareness, Survival Skill (fire building, plant and animal identification and a sacred deer hunt), Storytelling.
I still have children calling me Ms. Jamie, and saying things like “When are you going to come teach us again? I want to go on another adventure!”


 ~ Children’s Trade Post comes to Errington Farmer’s Market by Brenda Gough from the #PQBNews


The Hummingbird ApproachTM 2017

The Hummingbird Approach is a facilitation style that Jamie Black has coined in 2017 offered in Wild Craft Play s’Cool, that has developed over 15 years of experience and training, adopting techniques from a number of different walks of life. The core essence of how all Wild Craft Play activities are facilitated exist in a practice that Jamie Black calls The Hummingbird Approach. Ultimately, this means that the leaders are as hands-off as possible, like a momma Hummingbird with her fledgling, and the children get to explore, learn and grow by doing it themselves, while having fun with a purpose.  This is a technique that is rarely seen in education, and in June 2017, Jamie has completed her thesis called “The Hummingbird Approach: A Case Study of Guided Discovery Learning for Children in Nature.”  (Link coming soon). Her approach  expands the imagination of the children and a traditional and natural way.  The Hummingbird Approach is hard to adopt as an adult due to the way we may have been taught, and yet it is very rewarding, and worth trying on.  (Training coming soon).

Guided Discovery Learning

When Jamie Black was coaching sailing at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club in 2003, she was honored to work coach along side a world renowned coach named Tine Moberg-Parker.  Ever since her experience with Tine, she adopted a conceptSONZ62-Spirit-of-NZ called Guided Discovery.  Jamie took this theory of coaching and mentoring to heart and put it into practice in every environment she could.

What solidified it was when she worked on a tall ship in New Zealand for 10 days in 2003, she knew that creating life-altering adventures for children in nature was essential.  And when the captain of the ship said that this vessel is not about learning how to sail, it’s about learning the life skills to manage in life as an effective human being. The captain also said, just because you know how to coach sailing, doesn’t mean that telling the children how to sail this ship is what you need to do.  What I want you to do is “put your hands in your pocket and say ‘I don’t know, go figure it out.'”  Not only was this a challenge for Jamie with her keen interest to guide and teach children, but it was also a painful process for the youth of that ship.  They were angry, frustrated, and even brought to tears, but in the end the results of what they learned in that process were life-altering.


My Wilderness Awareness Coyote Mentor, Wes Gietz, aka Wind Walker.
Wild Craft Play has grown into what it is today due to the teachings of many.  Most of all we would like to acknowledge Windwalker, and support the vision that

“every person has, as his or her birthright, a healthy relationships with self and spirit;

a deep personal connection with the natural world and

membership in a healthy human community.”


We are also Crafting Wild Play in partnership with Crimson Coast Dance Society through the winter months.  Producing professional performances using the Hummingbird Approach. Stay connected on facebook:



Body Talk Dance ProductionThe Body Talk program is for YOUth by YOUth!  This opportunity allows YOUth to move beyond formal study and to develop skills required to successfully work, innovate and create in the wider world.

Crimson Coast Dance