Wild Craft Play ‘sCool in Central Vancouver Island…

…committed to fostering deep connections to self, others and the Earth through experiential learning in nature!

Outdoor Adventures, Wild-Crafting, Wilderness Skills, Archery, Performing Arts, Prop Manipulation and much more…

Past Special Event, Nov 4th:

Nov 4th, we had an extraordinary day, filled with food, celebration, Ogre adventures and more! Thank you to everyone who came to play!

NEXT INTAKE Jan. 1, 2018, Register by Dec. 1, 2017.

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At Wild Craft Play ‘sCool Outdoor Adventures include (yet are not limited to):

  • Guided Discovery Learning: The Wild Craft Play Game, Forest Bathing (in forests and by bodies of water), Hiking, Archery, Questing and Wilderness Survival Skills
  • Discovery Learning: with less guiding and more safety and transportation support, once the group demonstrates cohesion, we venture into; Mountain Biking, Caving, Kayaking, Trekking, Indoor Rock Climbing, Cross Country Skiing, Snow-Showing and Snow shelter building, Adventure Questing and beyond.
  • Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature: is an integral teaching tool within all programs, following the 8 shields model through Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature by Jon Young et al.
  • All programs involve outdoor adventures, it is just a matter of what the group can handle.

Performing Arts Include (yet are not limited to):

  • Production Creation: depending on the interest of the children we venture into production creation, music making, song-writing, visual arts, graphic design
  • Performing Artists: when they are ready we delve into the art of performing on-stage.  Learn stage-presence, dabble in circus skills and body movement.
  • Social Media and Marketing: these skills are essential for success as an entrepreneur and are taught to the children in throughout the youth program.

Click on the video below to discover the economics of The Wild Craft Play Game (for ages 8-12)… 

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Here is what a 7-year-old boy things of the program:

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We are providing Performing Arts and Adventure Education for children ages 8 and up.  Let’s get started with fun and affordable, local activities in our neck of the woods.  The Director, Jamie Black, grew up in the Errington/Qualicum Beach area and has explored, played and performed across Central Vancouver Island her whole life.  After many years of higher education, she is offering experiential learning adventures in her own unique way. Click here to learn more about Jamie Black.

  • We are seeking funding to purchase an R-Pod in the $10,000 range, if you have any leads please contact me directly Jamie@wildcraftplay.com | 250-927-7923
  • Do you wish your children were playing less video games and spend more time outside? This is what Jamie Black studied in her masters thesis “The Hummingbird Approach: A Case Study of Guided Discovery Learning for Children in Nature.”  She believes that there are a few key factors deterring children from spending more time in nature.  Jamie Black believes that if children engaged in Nature the same way they engaged in their video games, they would have all of the same adventures, yet more physical activity, social interaction, health benefits from being among the trees, more attentive, and an increased overall quality of life.
  • Discover what level you are at with your skills in: wilderness survival, fire making, role-play dramatic storytelling, costume design, questing, finding treasures, kayaking, caving, mountain biking, hiking and more.
  • We have a 4:1 (child to adult) ratio, and are seeking a volunteer driver. Who do you know that has their Class 4?

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The Hummingbird Approach 2017

The Hummingbird Approach is a facilitation style that Jamie Black coined in 2017 offered in Wild Craft Play s’Cool, that has developed as a deeper understanding of how she facilitates nature-based experiences. Over the past 15 years of experience and training, Jamie adopted techniques from a number of different walks of life to influence her work. The core essence of how all Wild Craft Play activities are facilitated exist in a practice that Jamie Black calls The Hummingbird Approach. In this practice the leaders are as hands-off as possible, like a momma Hummingbird with her fledgling, and the children get to explore, learn and grow by doing it themselves, while having fun with a purpose, all the while having a caring Hummingbird near by to prevent deadly harm.  This is a technique that is rarely seen.

In June 2017, Jamie completed her Masters thesis called “The Hummingbird Approach: A Case Study of Guided Discovery Learning for Children in Nature.”  (Link coming soon). Her approach  expands the imagination of the children in a traditional and natural way.  The Hummingbird Approach is hard to adopt as an adult due to the way we may have been taught, yet it is very rewarding, and worth trying on.  (Training coming soon).

Guided Discovery Learning

When Jamie Black was coaching sailing at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club in 2003, she was honored to work coach along side a world renowned coach named Tine Moberg-Parker.  Ever since her experience with Tine, she adopted a concept called Guided Discovery.  Jamie took this theory of coaching and mentoring to heart and put it into practice in every environment she could.

What solidified it was when she worked on a tall ship in New Zealand for 10 days in 2003, she knew that creating life-altering adventures for children in nature was essential.  And when the captain of the ship said that this vessel is not about learning how to sail, it’s about learning the life skills to manage in life as a


n effective human being. The captain also said, just because you know how to coach sailing, doesn’t mean that telling the children how to sail this ship is what you need to do.  What I want you to do is “put your hands in your pocket and say ‘I don’t know, go figure it out.'”  Not only was this a challenge for Jamie with her keen interest to guide and teach children, but it was also a painful process for the youth of that ship.  They were angry, frustrated, and even brought to tears, but in the end the results of what they learned in that process were life-altering.

Join the movement of regenerating resilience as Nature Intended