Engagement is in your Nature!

Let’s give back to our Earth.

Wild Craft Play ‘sCool offers:
WILDerness survival scenarios and experiential training

Arts & CRAFT resources and supplies


PLAY through role-play scenarios, dramatic storytelling and more.

Sound ‘sCool doesn’t it?


Are you drawn by Nature? What would it take to play outside?

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I bet you are good at what you do, but something has brought you to look deep inside you, to level up, to offer more. Good for you, click here for more!

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When we, becomes three, life is more fun when you get out to play. Let’s see what there is for families today in the wonder-filled world of Wild Craft Play!

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“I have come to understand that we, as a society and a Nation, need to connect to and become the advocates for the Natural World, while deepening our knowledge of self and the mysterious universe we inhabit. It is in this way we WILL make the Earth a better place. I choose to invest in the children, will you join me?       
~ Founder Jamie Black

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Have you heard of A Little Bird?

A Little Bird Media Solutions was created to help farmers and nature-educators tell their stories in affordable ways, to enhance human connection to our Earth and our community. What better way than in the moment, on-site, on-the-land in a personal way. Learn more about A Little Bird stories; real issues, real people, in-the-moment, only slightly edited 🙂


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Earth Advocates Wall of Fame

Since January 2018, students have engaged in Wild Craft Play, The Game! They have been striving to find solutions to real environmental issues. These new Earth Advocates have a story to share. Have a read…

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Peacemaker Principles
The Earth Charter

The only way you are permitted to play in life is to start with Peace in your heart. Follow this link for the Peacemaker Story…

Have you heard about the Earth Charter?

It was created by the United Nations as a way of co-existing with our planet in harmony? This is our curriculum,

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